Question to the EU Commission by Dimitrios Papadimoulis and Martina Anderson on the 500 Palestinian detainees

The EU mission in Jerusalem and Ramallah expressed its concern on the administrative detention of 500 Palestinians, among them at least 4 minors, by the Israeli state without formal charge.

The mission is especially concerned about the deteriorating health condition of the Palestinian journalist Mohammed Al-Qiq held in administrative detention in Israel for more than two months now, and on hunger strike since 25 November 2015.

With its stance, the Israeli government is violating the international conventions on human rights as well as the right of the detainees to be fully and freely informed on their situation.

According to the above mentioned, the European Commission is asked:

1. Is it informed on the unjustifiable detention of Palestinians, including minors and their health condition?
2. Which actions the Commission intends to assume for the release of the detainees, and what communication it has established with the Israeli government on that issue?


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