Question by SYRIZA MEP Kostas Chrysogonos regarding EU's plan on the refugee crisis

SYRIZA MEP Kostas Chrysogonos asked the European Commission to clarify what is its plan to address the refugee crisis. The MEP underlined the unsuccessful measures that have been taken so far as well as the weakness of the Commission to exert pressure to Turkey towards complying with its obligations. Furthermore, MEP Chrosogonos pointed out the perspective that many international media reproduce on the matter of the closure of borders between Greece and FYROM and the subsequent construction of detention centre in Greece.

Below the entire question:

The continuation of the refugee crisis that concerns EU for months has not been properly and rationally addressed by both the EU and its member-states. As a result, we are witnessing thousands of people being drowned in the Aegean Sea whereas Europe cannot press Turkey to comply with its obligations and better guard its borders. According to media reports, special units from Brussels, Berlin and Vienna are preparing the closure of borders between Greece and FYROM with the aim of controlling refugee flows and creating a massive detention center planned to be built in the Greek territory. The plan also includes parallel financial support to the Greek state[1] to carry out the center's operation.

Therefore, the Commission is asked:

a) Is the Commission informed about this plan?
b) Does the Commission consider that the creation of detention centers is a realistic solution to the refugee crisis?
c) What is the stance of the Commission with regards to rumours on expulsion of Greece from Schengen area?




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