Question of SYRIZA MEP Kostas Chrysogonos with regards to the implementation of the joint action between EU and Turkey to address the refugee crisis

SYRIZA MEP Chrysogonos requested to be informed on the implementation process of the joint action between EU and Turkey towards addressing the refugee crisis. In his question the MEP reminded the obligations and commitments that both sides have assumed and referred to the difficulties of implementation that have appeared so far. At the same time, he criticized lack of Turkey's determination to implement the agreement, requesting further information on the possibility of imposing sanctions by the Commission.

The entire question below:

Due to the ongoing refugee crisis, the European Union has committed to support Turkey by providing direct and continuous humanitarian assistance in the framework of the joint action between EU and Turkey. Some of the measures that have been agreed are the provision of 3 billion euros from the EU and the member-states to Turkey, the better control of sea borders by Turkey, as well as the fight against the smugglers' network that transfer migrants into Europe. The coordinating mechanism was supposed to start operating by January 1, 2016 but according to latest reports Italy has major objections to this deal, which by the way has not been yet fullly implemented.

The Commission is asked:

1) What is the current state of implementation by the EU and its member-states?
2) Which are those concrete measures that have been assumed by Turkey towards the fulfillment of its obligations?
3) Does the Commission examine the possibility of imposing sanctions (and what kind of) for the non-compliance of Turkey, as proved by the ongoing, daily and incessant refugee and migrant flows crossing the sea from Turkey to Greece?



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