Question addressed to the European Commission by MEP Stelios Kouloglou concerning the creation of concentration camp for 400,000 immigrants in Greece

On the occasion of yesterday's proposal of the Belgian Minister concerning the creation of concentration camps for 400-thousand immigrants in Greece, SYRIZA MEP Stelios Kouloglou, addressed a written question to the European Commission asking whether such proposals are compatible with the EU's humanitarian values and whether Juncker's points of view are still towards the safeguard of the Schengen agreement. Furthermore, Stelios Kouloglou asked the European Commission to give its opinion on what measures it intends to take in order for the other Member-States to implement September's agreement on the allocation of refugees amongst the EU countries.

Below the entire question:
According to statements by the Greek Alternate Minister of Immigration Policy, Ioannis Mouzalas, at yesterday's informal meeting of Justice and Home Affairs Ministers in Amsterdam, the Belgian Minister proposed the creation of concentration camps for about 300 to 400-thousand immigrants in Greece [1]. At the same time, from various sides, threats are made regarding the expulsion of Greece from the Schengen agreement, at the same time that neither the assistance that was requested by Greece has been met, neither in terms of staff, nor in terms of equipment, not even the agreement on the distribution of the 160-thousand refugees has been fulfilled (only 290 people have been relocated so far).

The European Commision is asked:
1. Is this proposed concentration-plan of 400,000 immigrants in only one Member-State in its intentions and does it consider it combatible with the EU's values?
2. Are Juncker's points of view on the matter still standing - by which in one way or another, the suspension of the Schengen agreement would seriously damage the European cause?
3. Does it intend to pressure the Member-States to respond to the Greek request for assistance and to implement the agreement of September 2015 on the allocation of refugees in all EU countries?

[1] http://tvxs.gr/news/ellada/moyzalas-mas-zitisan-na-ftiaksoyme-stratopedo-gia-400000-prosfyges


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