Papadimoulis on Brexit -

British people have chosen the logic of isolationism and xenophobia.
The views of Mr. Faradje and Ms. Le Pen, whose agenda is the dissolution of Europe, have won.

The voting result is absolutely democratic and must be respected.
And it is already causing uncertainty and worries
- first of all in United Kingdom, but also in Europe and worldwide.

The Brexit message is very powerful. It would be impossible -if not foolish- to ignore.

EU must change, otherwise it will face the risk of dismantle and dissolution.

EU needs
• development and not austerity for ever
• strengthening cohesion against inequality
• more democracy and transparency,
rather than shady decisions taken behind closed doors.

This historical need for a big change and not for the dissolution of Europe, is
-above all- responsibility of the Left and progressive forces across Europe, and especially of the young generation.

Against the current stagnation and the increasing inequalities generated by the dominant neo-liberal policy,
against the agenda of the dissolution and the isolation
that the far-right puts forward...
the Left and progressive forces of our continent must show NOW
a convincing and realistic project for change and progress,
through the cooperation of European peoples.

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